GIRL SPEAK: A proud mama shares how her daughter’s Gold Award continues to shine!

Scary! But an important lesson on teenage drinking and driving awareness.

By Mary Smithers, Girl Scout Mom

The incredibly realistic “crash” Chrissy presented to the older students.

My daughter, Chrissy, (who many of you know) did her Gold Award at her high school about four years ago.

Her take action project was on teenage drunk driving awareness.   She brought together the local police, fire department, ambulance, and county coroner, along with students from the local beauty college to do the gory makeup on pre-selected popular students at the school, in a mockup vehicle accident involving two cars.

Yes, even the smashed cars were there.   I can still picture the students with glass shards in their heads and arms and blood all over the place!

ga-facebook-050913Her presentation left such an impact on the students and the campus that they have since been contracting with an outside organization, “Every 15 Minutes,” to do this presentation every year for the older students.

What was awesome, though, was that the secretary at the high school told me how they still talk about when Chrissy did her Gold Award and how it was more personal than the contracted presentation.

Hearing those words made me so proud to know that Chrissy’s Gold Award project continues to make an impact at her school.

— Proud Mama


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