May 22, 2014 is officially Abigail Sanford Day in the city of Palm Desert!

Here’s a quick update about our 2014 Gold Award Girl Abigail!

IMG_9467-EditGirl Scout Gold Award Recipient Abigail Sanford received an official proclamation by the Palm Desert City Council on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at the Civic Center Council Chamber in Palm Desert, Ca. She was officially recognized for completing her Gold Award project, Skills On Wheels, which taught public safety on the road.

“Safety has always been very important to me. I used my Gold Award project as an opportunity to teach other people how to be safe with their cars. It’s amazing how many drivers in our community don’t know how to do emergency repairs on their cars,” said Abigail.

Abigail, a ten-year Girl Scout, is also busy with her AP and Honors classes in high school. When she’s not in class, her extracurricular activities include scuba diving, National Cherry League, astronomy and archery. Congratulations to Abigail – we in the Low Desert are so excited to call May 22, 2014 Abigail Sanford Day!


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