YOUR COUNCIL: Get to know Kirsten and Ashley!

We are pleased to announce the promotions of two valued members of the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio family and our Membership Team.  Effective immediately Kirsten Tamura is appointed Membership and Community Development Manager Team Lead for Central Region, and Ashley Hudson is appointed Membership and Community Development Manager Team Lead for Central West Region.  

Ashley and Kirsten are responsible for Girl Scout outreach to low income and diverse communities where girls desperately need the programs that Girl Scouts offer, as well as school and community relations to raise the visibility and impact of the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council.

Kirsten Tamura: Membership and Community Development Manager, Central Region


Kirsten was a Girl Scout as a young girl.  She and her husband, a career Navy man, traveled the world for ten years before locating permanently in the Inland Empire.  A college graduate, she holds a B.A. in English with a focus on children’s literature.  Kirsten joined GSSGC over three years ago as the shop CSA in Victorville, but within a month she accepted a position in Redlands managing several service areas in what is now the Central Region.  During her time at GSSGC, Kirsten has completed numerous webinars and training programs offered by GSUSA and our Council, and served as the Team Lead for Programs as part of the recent Strategic Learning process.  Kirsten was instrumental in GSSGC’s successful partnership with the San Bernardino City School District’s CAPS (Creative Afterschool Programming) program, and is personally committed to strengthening our Girl Scout ties with the faith communities, low income populations, and Council diversity efforts.  Central Region includes the areas surrounding the city of San Bernardino, Redlands, the mountain communities, Moreno Valley, Yucaipa, Beaumont and Banning.  Kirsten is the mother of two boys—Hunter (age 5) and Mason (age 2), and resides with her husband in Yucaipa.

Ashley Hudson: Membership and Community Development Manager, Central West Region

Ashley 2.0

Ashley is one of our veteran GSSGC staff members, having joined Council over seven years ago as a receptionist.  Over the years she has work in the retail shop, served as the administrative assistant to the VP of Membership, was the first CSA at GSSGC and subsequently helped define the CSA role and supervised all CSAs council-wide.  Eventually she managed several service areas in the Central Region.  For the past ten years, Ashley has been taking college classes in pursuit of a degree.  She will graduate this June with a B.S. in business administration and a minor in human resources.  Ashley believes in the Girl Scout Movement and mission, and has remained tenaciously loyal to GSSGC and the girls it serves.  She is enthusiastic about her new responsibilities and intends to focus on outreach and recruiting in low-income and diverse communities, team building among staff and volunteers, and strengthening ties with as many schools as possible.  Although Ashley considers her colleagues and volunteers to be family, she is also a single mother with two children:  son Ryan (age 6) and daughter Kayley (age 5).

One thought on “YOUR COUNCIL: Get to know Kirsten and Ashley!

  1. Both are amazing ladies to work with. Sad that our area has to change, but so excited for both of you!! I know you are going to do great in your new positions and the areas will be soooo lucky to have you!!!


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