Get to know your council! Q & A with Gail Seekins.

gail and barbara
Gail Seekins (right) with her archiving partner Barbara Pepper (left).

This is Gail Seekins, she has been a Girl Scout for 43 years; 9 years as a girl member and 34 years as an adult volunteer and leader.

What originally brought you to Girl Scouting?

As a girl I joined a Brownie troop and enjoyed it. When my daughter was old enough I got her into a Brownie troop and though she graduated high school I continued as a trainer, etc. Now I am my granddaughter’s troop leader with my daughter.

Favorite Color? Why?

Red – I just always liked it.

Favorite Girl Scouting moment?

During a horseback trip in the High Sierras, we returned back to our base camp and went to a Ranger-led program where they sang. The girls were so excited that when we went back to our campsite the girls sang late into the night.


Travel both in the United States and abroad. I have been to almost 80 countries and all 50 states. I continue to visit foreign countries each year, plus working on seeing all 400 National Park Monuments and Historic sites. I’ve done about 200. Now, I have added archiving when I am not traveling.

What do you stand for?

Girl Scouting, conservation, and the freedom to think for oneself.

What do you hope the future will bring?

More travel, and completing logging the GSSGC archives.

How many positions do you hold with our council?

Archivist, Trainer, Trainer Instructor, Troop Leader, Annual Meeting Delegate, Service Area Chair, Service Area Registrar, Council Recognitions Committee Member, and past member of the Gold Award Committee. 


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