Get to know your council! Q & A with Barbara Pepper.

gale and barbara
Barbara Pepper (left) with her partner in crime Gale Seekins.

This is Barbara Pepper, she has been a Girl Scout for 27 years; 1 year as a girl member and 26 adult years as a volunteer and leader.

What originally brought you to Girl Scouting?

My daughter was in a troop that needed new leaders. She enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want her to have to stop Girl Scouts, and so I volunteered. I’m so glad I did.

Favorite color? Why?

Green – it’s restful.

Favorite Girl Scouting moment?

We were camping and my girls were Seniors at the time. I was in my tent and told the girls I was ready for my coffee to be served.  One girl said, “Mrs. Pepper, do you remember when we were Juniors and you told us we had to get dressed and come outside the tent for breakfast?” I said yes. She said, “Well, now you have to get dressed and come outside to have your coffee and breakfast.” (She taught them well)


I collect California-made pottery dishes from the 1930’s thru the 1950’s. My favorites are from Vernon Kilns 1930’s.

What do you stand for?

Women and girls’ right to think, work and contribute to society. They have a right to be educated.

What do you hope the future will bring?

I want to see girls and women take a greater role in solving the world’s problems.

How many positions do you hold with our council?

Troop Leader, Service Area Chair, National Delegate, Council Recognitions, Gold Award Committee, Product Sales Task Force Member, Trainer, and Archives Committee Member.


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