GIRL SPEAK: Can selling cookies pay off? This teen knows so!


What can a girl do?  Anything she sets her mind to!  She can be athletic.  She can be a scholar.  She can help her community.  And she can love her fellow Girl Scouts!

Unknown-3What can a cookie do?  Cookies can help pay for all the extras.

“KK” has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years.  She sells cookies and banks her cookie dough into her high school package.  

With it, she has paid for her lettermen’s jacket, patches and all her embroidery work, SAT prep class, SAT test, high school year book, school pictures and now her CIF ring!

She is so proud of the fact that she has paid for all of this on her own…with the help of a few cookies.  

What can a cookie do?  Anything a girl can imagine!



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