Would you eat this sustainable food source that could feed billions (clue: it’s HIGH in protein)?

What’cha baking Megan?
Yup, these are REAL Bitty cookies.

You’re about to watch Megan Miller, a female entrepreneur and founder of Bitty, a San Francisco-based food startup that uses high-protein”X” flour as the basis for a line of energy bars and gluten-free baked goods. The best part is, it’s a sustainable food source that could potentially end world hunger (or come close).

We feel the makings of a future Girl Scout Gold Award project coming on here!

Want to know what exactly this mystery ingredient is? Go ahead and play the video! Then leave us a comment below with your thoughts…and answer the question, “Would you eat this sustainable food source?” Imagine the Girl Scout cookie potential….

7 thoughts on “Would you eat this sustainable food source that could feed billions (clue: it’s HIGH in protein)?

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! We’re huge fans of the Girl Scouts. We know the idea of cricket cookies sounds a little strange, but they are super healthy, really tasty and not scary at all since the crickets are incorporated in the form of a fine, nutty flour.To those who asked about FDA approval, Bitty Foods is in compliance with all federal and CA state health regulations 🙂

  2. While I am still struggling with the idea that I would be eating a bug, I think the idea of processing the insect into something unrecognizable (flour) is amazing and creative. This may be one of the key paths to a more sustainable future – and not just with crickets, but also meal worms and more. I agree with Casey H. that I would like to see some sort of oversight in the production. I would absolutely would try this – who could pass up a chocolate chip cookie (and as long as I had a glass of water close by)!

  3. I think I would need a little more convincing. I like the idea that we can find alternative foods that would be sustainable to our ever growing population however, I personally have a weak stomach and it is difficult for me to imagine eating crickets or insects, even of it is ground up into flour — the knowledge that I am eating an insect is still a little difficult to fathom.

  4. I think it’s a great idea, especially processing it as a flour so it is so acceptable in the West. I would support it, as long as, it was FDA approved and the cultivation is well managed. I would totally try it and hope that the nutty taste is appealing.

  5. I could eat this in flour format, but I don’t know about a whole cricket. I think it’s pretty great that we’re seeing some interesting solutions for sustainable food. Very cool!


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