It’s time to Give BIG San Bernardino: 24 hrs to “raise” up the future of girls!


Give BIG San Bernardino County is a 24-hour fundraising web-a-thon on May 8 that allows you to give to your favorite causes in our community. Their goal is to get everyone who cares about the residents of San Bernardino County to help us raise a minimum of $300,000 in just 24 hours.

We are asking you to share our GSSGC page with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and even that guy who walks his dog past your house every tuesday! Please help us support our girls by reaching the wider community. We need everyone to share our page and spread the word. Even giving the minimum amount would do so much to support girl programming, Gold Awards, camperships (summer is on the way) and more!

Give BIG San Bernardino County is sponsored by the County of San Bernardino and is a project of The Community Foundation supporting their mission of strengthening Inland Southern California through philanthropy. Spread the word and give girls a chance!


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