Girl Scouts are now city officials!

Step Up Mock City Council San Bernardino
Virginia Marquez (far left) First Ward City Council Woman of San Bernardino, Cheryl Brown (center) Assemblymember of District 47 and Gigi Hanna (far right) City Clerk of San Bernardino are mentoring the girls.

By Melanie Urquizo, Girl Scout

Girl Scouts are now city officials, for the first ever San Gorgonio Council “Step-up” Mock City Council Meeting, where the girls take over as mayor, city clerk, council members and other elected city officials.

This pre-meeting to kick off the election period was held on Saturday April 12th, at 9am, in the San Bernardino City Hall. At the meeting the girls were able to pass out business cards, and put up posters for their campaigns.

They also had the unique experience of meeting and talking with the San Bernardino City Clerk Gigi Hanna, San Bernardino City Council Member Virginia Marquez, and the keynote speaker of the day, Assembly member Cheryl Brown of the 47th Assembly District, each of whom spoke to the girls about their jobs and the significance of each.

20140412_093454_resizedSan Bernardino City Clerk Gigi Hanna explains, “It’s these local positions that affect the lives of the people the most “. They also helped explain how city council meetings work and how people run for office. City Clerk Hanna, let us in on her secret for running a great campaign – going door to door!

Sitting in the city officials’ actual seats while they gave their campaign speeches, gave the Girl Scouts a realistic feeling of being an actual candidate. Since there were just enough girls to fill each position, they were all appointed. Cassie Whiteman was appointed Mayor, Kailyn Lasalle was appointed City Treasurer, Rebecca Sieruga was appointed Council Member, and Kai Sewell was appointed City Clerk.

The first Mock City Council meeting, with the newly appointed officials, will be held on April 26th at 10am. There will be three topics on the agenda: the consideration and possible adoption of a city mural policy, the consideration and possible adoption of a city policy on e-cigs, and the consideration and possible approval of a 7-11 store at 123 Main Street.

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