They’re going Nutty for camp at the B.I.G. Expo!

Double the Summer Fun

Have you heard the news? Nutty/Cookie Dough Card *** is worth double its face value when you register for a Camp Azalea Trails at the  Believe In Girls Expo on January 11, 2014!

So, that $50 is now worth $100!

Just remember, you must physically register for either Camp Azalea Trails or Wi-Wo-Ca during the B.I.G. Expo. Only physical Nutty/Cookie Dough cards will qualify, so don’t forget to bring your card with you! If the doubled value exceeds the cost of camp registration, there is no cash value refund.

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Camp Card Raffle

They are just nuts about camp at the B.I.G. Expo! Since doubling Cookie and Nutty Dough wasn’t enough, every girl that registers for a GSSGC camp at the Believe In Girls Expo (using Cookie/Nutty Dough or not) will have her name put into a drawing for a gift card toward camp!

Raffle prizes include:

  • Six $25 gift cards
  • Four $50 gift cards
  • One $100 gift card
  • One $150 gift card


***Please be aware that this ONLY applies to Nutty Dough earned though the 2013 Fall Sale.


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