Kappa Delta and Confidence Coalition celebrate girls, November 14 at Cal State San Bernardino


This Thursday, November 14 is International Girls’ Day!

Celebrate being a girl this November by participating in a fun afternoon with the ladies of Kappa Delta!

Kappa Delta, partnering with the Confidence Coalition,  will host an event from 4-6pm in the Student Union, Event Center B at Cal State San Bernardino.

The ladies will be hosting fun arts and crafts, team building activities, and confidence videos for the Girl Scouts. Tag-alongs welcome!

RSVP:  myramjl@live.com Mayra G. Kappa Delta

Who is today’s girl?

She’s tomorrow’s leader. She’s president of her senior class and future president of the USA. She’s the up-and-coming CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the brains behind the next breakthrough in medical science. She’s a future gold medal Olympic athlete, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a philosopher. She is impacting her community – today and into the future. Girls can do anything!

Media messages, cultural stereotypes and peers often tell girls that they have to look, act and be a certain way. With the slogan, “She Can Do Anything,” International Girls Day is a day to celebrate girls – all kinds of girls with all kinds of interests and abilities. It’s an opportunity to build confidence in girls and help them realize their potential.


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