Get to know your council! Q&A with Phyllis

phyllis and daughter
Phyllis (left) with her daughter Kalikonani (right).

Hey Girls! Get to know your council!  This is Phyllis, a Girl Scout Leader, mom and so much more.

Hi Phyllis,  let’s start with what originally brought you to Girl Scouting? I originally started Girl Scouts as a cookie mom, when my daughter, Kalikonani, was in 1st grade.  Her leader and co-leader decided to quit at the end of that year.  My daughter really wanted to continue, so I became the troop leader.  All the girls except one in the troop also decided to quit, so I had to recruit a co-leader and more girls.  Eleven years later, here I am, a troop leader with Ambassador and Senior girls, Central West Regional Product Sales Manager, Gold Award Committee member, council adult recognition committee member, regional advisory team member and task force member.  I was on the service area team for ten years, but gave it up this year because of time commitments.

Favorite color? Why?  My favorite colors are green and orange.  They are Poly High School colors.  My daughter says I have more Poly spirit than her and her brother.

Troop motto?  Never give up.

Favorite Girl Scouting moment? We were getting ready to early bird, and two of my girls, sisters, came up to me and told me that their mother told them that they were not continuing. I told them, too bad.  They have to.  They looked shocked.  (We had planned for years a trip to San Francisco to bridge over to  Cadettes, and I wanted them to do that.)  I told them they had to continue for one more year and that when we walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and bridge over to Cadettes, then they can say, “Good bye, Mrs. Dailey.  Have a nice life.”  They laughed and told their mom.  She agreed and later told me that she was so happy I made them continue because that was an experience they would remember for the rest of their lives. What more could I ask for?

Hobbies?  I don’t have any hobbies, but I do like to take pictures.  I am not that good at it.  I volunteer a lot with girl scouts and school activities.  The kids keep me busy.

What do you stand for?  Acceptance.

What do you hope the future will bring?  I hope that my girls will become strong women role models for younger girls.

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