Moving Forward: Transitioning to high school

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high_schoolWhen entering high school, you’re faced with many challenges. You leave old friends in middle school or just outgrow them; you get serious about your future, more homework, first jobs, and new friendships. Here are a few tips to help you with the lifestyle change.

Make a good first impression:

When transitioning to high school, first impressions are important. Get to know your classmates, be kind and polite, and keep in mind that they are in the same position as you. Don’t be afraid to meet new people; if you feel someone in your class shares the same interest as you, be friendly and get to know them.


Don’t get carried away with growing up too fast. Yes, you have four more years until college, but enjoy your high school years. Find your interests and join organizations that you feel can help you express yourself. Don’t get caught up in appearances and being with the “popular crowd” if that’s not who you are. Focus on your grades and how you can become a better you—not anyone else’s efforts. Above all, remember not to judge others—especially when you haven’ t gotten to know them.


In high school you have a little more independence than you did in middle school. You’re given your homework and a due date with a little more creative freedom. Make sure you’re taking in everything you’re being taught. If you have questions in class, don’t be afraid to ask them because someone in your class is probably confused about the same topic. If you show your classmates that it’s okay to listen and ask questions, you may give them the courage they need to participate as well.

 Make new friends: 

In high school you’ll more than likely split from old friends, whether you attend different high schools or simply just outgrow each other. Don’t worry; with age comes maturity, and you may not always mature at the same pace as the friends you had in middle school. You must be more independent and explore your new environment, and while it may be hard seeing your old crew but not having that connection, it will get better with time.  Be open to new friends and new opportunities; join clubs, find new interest and be open to new experiences!


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